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Cricket Warrior – Tells The Importance of  Teamwork”

  • Teamwork is the key to win a cricket match without teamwork a team can’t win even a single match.
  • A Cricket team is a set of 11 players, all 11 players must have coordinated with each other to play the game with their full potential.
  • A team must have a  cool and brilliant-minded captain, who can run his team properly, he must have the ability to achieve the best from his team members so that every player can give his best.
  • Team members must be good friends so that they can make a combined strategy for their matches so that they will perform best in their game.⚾

 We All Love This Game – That’s why we are  Cricket Warrior”

  • <Cricket Warrior Sword>
    Cricket warrior sword

    Cricket is a game that is loved by billions of players all over the world, even a person who can’t watch a cricket match he/she enjoys it through commentary. Children love to play cricket, they make new friends by playing cricket with more and more new teams, their inner sportsman spirit is developed by their elder players so that they could learn more about this beautiful game. This bat and ball together make enthusiasm and curiosity in the child’s brain, and they went to play a match full of enthusiasm

  •  It is nowadays played between international level teams, their live matches are telecast on tv, internet so that viewers can enjoy this all over the world, Their live matches are also recorded for the game analysis by teams,It is a global industry which generates a very high revenue there is a lot of money in cricket.

      “Full Form Of Cricket – By Cricket Warrior “

    • C – Concentration – concentration is very important in matches, lack of concentration may lead to misfields or result in loss of the match. 
    • <MS-Dhoni-the-real-cricket-warrior>
      MS Dhoni – The real cricket warrior

      R – Regularity – there must be a regular practice of cricket, lack of regularity may lead to poor shot selection, poor fielding may result in loss of the match.

    • I – Intelligence – our intelligence to design a successful game plan may help us to win a difficult match with very ease.
    • C – Courage – there must be courage in the player during a  match so that he can be a match-winner player for his team.
    • K – Keenness – players are must be keen to play their match, without keenness the development of a player is stopped.
    • E – Experience – Experience is a key factor to take the best from our players by using them at the proper time by an experienced captain.
    • T – Temperament – A player must have a positive temperament towards his game and his teammates, just like dhoni and ruturaj Gaikwad 

                ” EquipmentMust be needed to play a match “

    1.  Bat – English willow leather bat  – must be lightweight and softwood pulp that is long-lasting and retains high strength
    2. Ball – Red leather ball  – A good quality cricket ball must have a good shape if its shape is distorted then it will be responsible for the abnormal turn.
    3.   Pads  – to protect the leg – must be of good quality so that it protects our legs from heavy injury
    4. Thigh pads – good quality thigh pads protect our thigh from damage 
    5.  Knee guards  – knee guard is used to protecting our upper elbow portion
    6. L – guard – to protect testes from the damage it saves us from serious complications.
    7. Helmets – should be very good quality to protect or most important part of our body – the brain 
    8. Hand Gloves – to protect fingers and for gripping the bat perfectly.
    9.  Wicket KeepingGlubs  – for the wicketkeeper to catch fast bowls behind the wicket 
    10.  Chestguard – to protect our chest from a fast delivered ball
    11. Wickets 
    12. Sports shoes – Very good quality shoes are needed for proper grip and to protect toes during a match. 

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